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Technical / Database / Fusion Middleware 03:40 PM - 04:35 PM

Target Audience - All

Introduced in Oracle 18c, the ADW provides a tightly-controlled, cloud-based environment for application workloads focused on analytic reporting and data warehousing. IOUG volunteers provisioned an instance of Oracle ADW cloud and ran several benchmarks and experiments to find out the details how best to take advantage of ADW features, as well as understand precisely what ADW means for the role of Oracle DBA in the near- and long-term. Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session explains what features ADW brings to bear for the busy Oracle DBA; what's going on underneath the covers of ADW; what ADW can realistically provide for your Oracle shop-and what it can't; when a workload is ready to migrate to ADW-and when it's not.

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